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bag and bath lady bag

These vintage and amazing bags are from the bag and bath ladies, a boutique duo of Diane Murphy and Helen Brassington that feature one of a kind bags like the ones below.

brown leather bag from bag and bath ladies
green vinyl purse

As noted in fashionmagazine, “Murphy and Brassington design and sew artisanal bags that are a study in unstructured simplicity and versatility.  Almost all of their bags are reversible (a definite crowd pleaser among recession-minded shoppers) and while some of the materials in their pieces are new, the pair make good use of recycled leather and fabric from dresses, blankets, leather coats, tablecloths and curtains. “We keep the original shape of the leather with scratches, holes—even branding marks,” says Murphy.

bag lady bags displayed on table

You can also help create your own custom bag by bringing in fabric or leather pieces you’d like to re-use and the ladies will happily retool into a portable work of art. But buyer beware, bags this cool will undoubtedly steal the spotlight from your clothes, jewellery and shoes! 

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woman with dossil black bag

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