Chloe Handbags (Our Favorite Styles)

woman on street with chloe nile handbag

Chloe is an iconic brand with a legacy of making beautiful, eclectic and bohemian handbags since 1952.  It is a leader in the fashion industry and has created its own distinctive brand of unique (and wildly popular) handbags such as the Chloe Faye and Chloe Tess.

With designers such as Stella McCartney and Natacha Ramsay-Levi leading the helm, Chloe has continued to come up with updated looks to its classic bags season after season, such as the bright pink version of the classic Chloe Faye bag.

Let’s take a look at some of the most coveted Chloe handbags that have been heralded by fashion editors, celebrity influencers and online users throughout the world.


Ever since arriving on the scene in the AW18 catwalk show, this handbag has been widely adopted by the fashion industry as being a must have. Though its available in multiple autumnal colors, the brown is my favorite as it goes with everything. The equestrian shape and polished gold front facing ring complete this bag’s signature look.


This is another classic handbag with an equestrian inspired horseshoe-shaped design that does however come in a variety of colors, and sizes.

It has luxurious craftsmanship on both the interior and exterior with a standard top handle and strap that makes this bag perfect for daily use for carrying your essentials items.


This beautiful bag in all white is one of my personal spring and summertime favorites. It’s relatively small size means it can be carried on a daily basis as via its bracelet handles or over the shoulder crossbody style. As for styling, it has a saddle bag shape, studded detailing, and the aforementioned gold accents. A certified classic.


Debuting in the Spring of 2015, the vintage 1970 inspired handbag is a free-spirited classic that is available in at least two sizes – a small crossbody and a larger bag with a uniquely different shape.

Both handbag styles feature the gold chain and loop that the Faye has been known for throughout the years. As of June of 2019, Chloe debuted a pink version of the Faye that features a luxurious grain leather with a mini top handle.


This Chloe Drew may be Chloe’s most recognizable handbag style. It has minimal hardware a gold clock closure and gold chain strap, a relatively small size, a classic yet modern style with feminine curves and comes in a variety of different colors. This may Chloe’s most popular bag style yet.

Chloé Roy

chloe roy shoulder bag

This recent addition (winter 2018) can be used daily as it is designed for the busy woman who wants a workhorse bag that will look stunning for every occasion.

It has a firm and sturdy structure that will hold up to the everyday knocks of city life, gold rings and embossed studs, and sharp lines giving it a definitive shape.

Chloé Faye Backpack

chloe faye backpack beige

We have written about our love for backpack purses and handbags before and this is a Faye backpack that I love. It has a fold over top and gold tone ring loop and chain to complete the Chloe signature look.

(sold out)

Chloé Hudson

chloe hudson bag black

This is a versatile handbag that can be work either crossbody or over the shoulder. It has luxurious suede and leather detailing with custom gold accents, but also features a small tassel to add an element of playfulness that the Chloe brand is known for.

(sold out)

Chloé Drew Bijou

chloe drew bijou bag

This is a modern update to the classic Chloe Drew Bag. Ever since new designer Ramsay-Levi took over, she has started to add her stamp to the collection of Chloe bags in innovative and fun ways while staying true to the brand’s legacy.

The new quilted Drew Bijou has a bracelet style chain reminiscent of jewelry boxes and is a fun take on the classic.

(sold out)

Chloé Lexa

The Chloé Lexa crossbody bag offers a more relaxed silhouette. Featuring a fold-over top with classic lock closure, its adjustable shoulder strap allows the wearer to wear the bag in a variety of ways.

The adjustable strap allows for versatility in how you wear this handbag that has a fold-over top with a relaxed silhouette and signature Chloe lock closure.

Chloe handbags are still on the arms of the rich and famous – and for good reason. The quirky and luxurious style is young and fresh, without every becoming tired. When you own a Chloe handbag, the world realizes that you probably don’t take yourself too seriously and you like to have a little fun in your life.

Chloe makes a wide variety of handbags to suit any style and any woman. With the Chloe handbag Silverado, you get a fun silver toned pattern on a traditionally styled bag, and that’s hot in fashion right now.

These Chloe metallic silver handbags have been popping up in celebrity magazines as well as in tabloids as the famous’ Chloe Silverado handbag brown purse of the moment. For a more subdued look, a Chloe Paddington handbag might be a better fit. It’s simply styled with muted colors and accents.

Finding the best is key to designer handbags and Chloe Paddington styles are durable enough to last longer than the current trend. Chloe mauve handbags are another great choice if you don’t want to settle for boring black or brown.

How To Spot Fake Chloe Handbags

First, look at the stitching that’s around the seams and on the inside of the handbag. It should not have any looseness or excess thread hanging out. If you see this, you’ve probably found a Chloe handbag knockoff.

This lack of quality can mean that the seam is going to be more likely to break and rip apart.

Another way to spot a Chloe handbag replica is to note the materials that are being used. If the materials seem to be plastic rather than leather, you’ve found a knockoff.

These materials should feel soft to the touch, without any rough edges. And the metal that is used in the design should be high quality as well with matching pieces throughout the purse.

While you might not mind a fake Chloe handbag, you may want to realize that the designer’s ideas are invaluable and they are not getting paid by the replica retailer. Creating Chloe handbags is an art, so you should expect to pay for that creativity and attention to detail is a participant in several affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to websites that may be affiliated with Nordstrom, Rakuten, ShareaSale, Commission Junction, VigLinks and SkimAffiliate

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