Coordinating Your Handbag With Your Outfit

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Matching your handbag with your clothes and shoes completes the look and makes the outfit seem more pulled-together.

An everyday handbag in a neutral color is a safe choice, but when you’re putting clothes together to wear as an ensemble, remember that the handbag is an extension of your outfit. Don’t ruin your look by slinging around on an oversized bag that clashes with your clothing.

If you’re wearing solid-colored separates in similar colors, choose a purse with a pattern.

Alternatively, the monochromatic outfit is sleek and streamlined with the handbag, shoes and clothing all the same color. This looks best when you wear a neutral color.

For brightly colored outfits, choose a pair of shoes and a bag in black or beige.

A small clutch works well for formal wear. Find one to match or complement the shoes you’re wearing. Make sure the metals are all the same color. Pair silver buckled shoes with silver jewelry and a small bag with a silver clasp.

When you’re wearing casual, unstructured clothing, select a handbag that is of a soft construction, such as a hobo bag, rather than a stiff, boxy purse.

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Straw bags in various shades are a cute choice for summertime outfits that are breezy and colorful.

The handbag can either match or complement the outfit. A dressier handbag looks fabulous with sexy, strappy, summer sandals.

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