Felted Purses

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Felted purses are popping up everywhere it seems these days. From the hippie shoulders of those in California to housewives in Ohio, everyone seems to have a felt purse of some kind. This is due to the fact that making a felted purse is actually a very simple task for those that already know how to knit.

And for those that don’t, the prospect of being able to make your own felt purse might be just the incentive you need to get started.

The first thing you will need to do is to get a pattern for felting purses. If you go to your local yarn shop, you may be able to find some free felted purse patterns, while online resources can yield many more free knitted felted purse patterns.

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These felted purse patterns can come in a variety of styles and shapes and are generally marked as to the difficulty of the project itself. A felted nurse pattern will list the amount of yarn you need to get started as well as any special tools you might want to use during the knitting process.

Take your time to look over the felted knit purse pattern before you print it out or purchase it to make sure you understand the instructions that are given. If anything is unclear, talk to someone who’s an expert knitter to see if they can decipher them.

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The next step to felted wool purses is to knit the pattern until it is completed. This step is the longest step of the process, but it will certainly provide the most reward. You want to knit the pattern loosely in some cases, so be sure to double check the pattern before you begin. It’s much easier to tighten up a loose purse than it is to loosen a tight knitted purse.

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And the final step in hand knitted felted purses is to wash them in hot water. The temperature of the water will vary upon the materials that you have used, but your home washer should have sufficient hot water capability.

Once the purse has ‘felted’ together, you will notice that the material appears thicker. You then can allow the purse to air dry or throw handmade felted purses into the dryer for a further tightening of the wool.

With free patterns for felted purses and a little time, you can easily learn to make great gifts for family and friends – as well as for yourself.

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