Hobo Purses and Handbags

Jassa Hobo Bag

With ample space for carrying all of your important things as well as a comfortable strap to keep your purse on your shoulder, the hobo purse trend is both stylish and functional. You can even make your own hobo purses if your budget isn’t quite ready for a designer price.

Just look at these names in fashion that have established hobo handbag lines: Coach hobo purse, Gucci hobo purse, Nine West hobo purse, Perlina and Naples hobo purses.

All of the hottest designers are turning to the simplicity of the hobo design as a backdrop for their fun and innovation design techniques.

For example, you can still have all of the materials that you love in a purse as well as fun details, as in a sequin hobo purse. You can cover the entire purse in these sparkly details or simply add a few accents here and there.

hobo bag
Brown Leather Hobo Bag

But there are even more designs to consider when you’re thinking about a hobo purse – tapestry hobo bags are now very bohemian in style, while pink hobo purses add a further touch of feminine style. If you want something a little more rugged, you may want to look at a brown leather Fossil hobo purse.

Not only is the leather soft and supple, but it will last you a number of years when properly maintained and cared for.

For those that are concerned that a hobo purse might not be enough, you may want to remember that tote bags and hobo purses are very similar, as we pointed out here.

By purchasing a hobo purse with a larger pouch, you can ensure that you have all the room you need without giving up the style that you love.

If you want to make your own hobo purse, you can find a number of sites that offer a free pattern for a hobo purse. These can be made from knitting, crocheting, and even leather work techniques, depending on your personal skills.

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