How To Choose A Handbag

choose a bag

Choosing the right handbag to complete your outfit can feel like a daunting task at times. Handbag trends evolve overnight, with endless choices and options available.

With a few simple tips and tricks in your back pocket, though, you can pick the right handbag every time.

Classic styles with a twist

You can always select a classic style, like the clutch or the tote. These never go out of style, and you can carry one of them year-round.

To make a classic style suit your taste, try switching it up a bit. Instead of getting a tote in black or brown, why not try a great rust color? A versatile color pops with the right accessories.

Merona rust colored tote
Merona Rust Colored Tote Bag

For a clutch, spice things up with a metallic gold, or choose a sparkly clutch for a night out with your girlfriends.

Yves St Laurent Gold Clutch
Yves St Laurent Gold Clutch

Your stylish choice will draw compliments and envious stares from other women.

Choose your handbags size based on what you need to carry

Will you only be carrying your cell phone, plastic, an ID and your keys — or do you live out of your purse, and need to carry everything from a toothbrush, to a full bag of makeup, and a laptop or tablet computer?

Your needs should inform your choice of handbag. If you want something to carry a few essentials, look for a small cross-body bag or a wristlet style.

white wristlet clutch
White Wristlet Clutch – Source

These styles hold everything you need and nothing more, and come in so many great colors that you could buy one to complement every outfit.

Best of all, smaller handbags usually cost less! If size does matter, consider a tote or a satchel. These always-trendy styles offer space for everything you need to carry, all in one bag.

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The necessity of high-quality materials

If you want your handbag to last, make sure you purchase one made of good, durable materials.

That doesn’t mean you need to buy the expensive brand names, but do look for a good strong leather, suede or even a high-quality fabric, depending on your personal taste.

Bags made solely of polyester or urethane may not last as long, and definitely show wear and tear after use. Pick a bag that can last you a long time!

Remember, when it comes to choosing the right handbag, ignore the trends! Choose a classic style made of high-quality materials in a color you love, and in the size that fits your needs. Set the trend; don’t follow it! is a participant in several affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to websites that may be affiliated with Nordstrom, Rakuten, ShareaSale, Commission Junction, VigLinks and SkimAffiliate

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