Tips for a Man Buying a Handbag for a Woman

man and woman shopping together

If you’re looking for a great gift for your lady on Valentine’s Day or her birthday, consider finding getting her a brand new handbag.

Women can never have too many purses. Just make sure you follow these tips for a man buying a handbag for a woman, so that you buy her something that she likes.

Colors to Avoid

The first tip you should note is to stay away from bright colors. Even if she has some colorful bags in her collection, you’ll be safest if you choose plain brown, black or gray.

Smooth or Textured

Tip number two is to look at her collection and decide if she prefers smooth or textured purses. If she has some of each, you’re in luck because she probably likes both.


Tip number three is to take note of whether she prefers leather or another fabric. For example, if she really prefers canvas or denim, buying her a leather bag is a bad idea.

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Handbag Use

Tip number four is to consider the purpose for which you expect her to use this bag. If you’re buying it for her to carry school books in, large is probably better.

However, if you plan on her taking it out at night, stick with something that is no larger than the size of a tissue box.

If you find the right handbag, you’re sure to have smiles and a very thankful woman. Good luck and happy shopping. is a participant in several affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to websites that may be affiliated with Nordstrom, Rakuten, ShareaSale, Commission Junction, VigLinks and SkimAffiliate

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