Tips for Buying Authentic Designer Handbags

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How frustrating is it to discover that the gorgeous new designer handbag you recently purchased is not authentic?

In some countries, it is more than just annoying to buy a fake designer purse; it is actually illegal. Protect yourself from this catastrophe by following these simple steps.

1) Know where your favorite designer bags are made.

chanel blue leather handbag
Chanel Blue Leather Bag || Getty Images

One of the most obvious things the producers of fakes do is stamp their reproductions as “made in the USA” without researching where the designer actually makes the purse.

With a simple Google search, you can know for certain where your real fashion handbags are made.

2) Expect high quality from an authentic designer handbag.

If the leather is soft and supple, that is a good sign. Check the stitching; is it straight and even? If not, it is probably a fake.

Designers are not likely to put their names on poor quality, poorly made bags. Remember, Prada does not use pleather.

3) Prada also does not come cheap

prada real or fake bag

There is a difference between getting a bargain and getting a fraud. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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4) Are you buying it from Marc Jacobs or Mark at the flea market?

Certain types of vendors sell counterfeit bags on a regular basis. Never buy a designer purse online.

Even at a department store, you need to examine your bag before you purchase it. Scammers can return a fake bag in place of an authentic one.

5) Make sure you don’t get fooled by a fake certificate of authenticity

While most designer handbags do come with these certificates, they are easier to fake, copy and reproduce than the handbags themselves. is a participant in several affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to websites that may be affiliated with Nordstrom, Rakuten, ShareaSale, Commission Junction, VigLinks and SkimAffiliate

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