What to Do if You Purchase a Counterfeit Bag

counterfeit handbags

When looking for bargains on the internet, you may run into a counterfeit bag instead of the real thing. Follow a few simple tips to make sure that you protect yourself from getting counterfeit merchandise.

Prepare for the worst during the purchase, and pursue your after-purchase options.

Prepare for the purchase by doing your homework. Consider what platform the seller is on and if they are reputable.

For example, a shady Craigslist seller is more apt to sell you a counterfeit than if you buy it off a website with protection in-place, such as Amazon, eBay, the Real Real, Net A Porter etc…

Avoid paying cash. Pay with a credit card for the added security of possibly filing a chargeback and also having the transaction electronically recorded with a receipt.

After the purchase, it never hurts to contact the seller to attempt to make the transaction right or attempt a return. If that doesn’t work, pursue a chargeback through the credit card carrier or pursue the transaction protection of whatever website you used to purchase the bag.

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As a last resort, file a police report, and hope that the threat of legal action might recover your investment.

Be vigilant and thorough, purchase only from reputable sites and use a credit card. We will only ever review, recommend and link to reputable sellers with established reputations.

Follow these tips, and you can avoid the risk of getting stuck with a counterfeit bag.

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