What to Do With a Broken Bag

broken louis vuitton bag

A broken handbag is a real inconvenience. If your handbag has broken, don’t just throw it away and buy a new one.

There are many things that you can do with your handbag to get more years of use from it. It’s often better to try to repair or re-purpose a broken item than to discard it.

If your handbag is not badly damaged, you can probably repair it without too much difficulty. If you’re unable to do so on your own, take it to a repair shop, and see what the staff can do with it.

If it is beyond repair, you can probably still get some use from it. For examples, you could use it as a container for children’s toys or other household items.

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If your bag is torn or no longer suitable as a container, try decorating it to turn it into an attractive piece of art. Sew decorations on it, or cut it up and use the pieces in a craft project. If you have children, give it to them to play with.

Don’t just toss your broken handbag into the trash and forget about it. Use one of the above ideas, or come up with your own clever way to make something useful from it.

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