Women’s HandBags – Buyer’s Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2019

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The bags for women are one of those accessories that we can find in many models, designs, colors and sizes. And it is that, every woman is a world and her tastes too, that’s why the market offers a multitude of different designs always thinking about satisfying the needs and tastes of each woman. This market also offers different types of bags depending on the use we are going to give you.

If you want a bag to go on a trip, you will find models such as the EverVanz 8035armygreen travel bag, a large handbag designed to travel, made of high quality materials, robust, with a classic design, but informal and with great capacity. If, on the other hand, you need a comfortable bag for day-to-day use, the LOSMILE fabric model offers you what you are looking for.

Made of high quality canvas and leather, it is waterproof and resistant to scratches. It has a good capacity and is very comfortable to carry, both shoulder and hand.

What is the best women’s handbag in the market?

If you have decided to renew your bags, you must be clear that, within any comparison of bags for women, you will find different models and designs depending on the use you are going to give. It is not the same a bag to carry your personal belongings every day that one to go out partying, that one to do sport or to travel.

For that reason and thinking about helping you to better know each type of bag and its main characteristics, we have prepared for you this guide to buy the best women bag, depending on your needs.

Shopping guide

Type of bag

When we want to change purses, we seek to buy a better product or the same quality as we had previously, regardless of whether it is more or less economical than the previous one. But before deciding which one we like the most, we must be clear that the market offers a multitude of different models depending on the utility that we are going to give it, since this will depend on other characteristics of each type of product.

Within day-to-day bags we also find different types of handbags: satchels, totes, shoulder bags, shoulder bags or backpacks. In fact, the use of the bag will be the same: carry our personal belongings with us, but the way of carrying it varies, depending on the tastes and preferences of each person.

Here we could also differentiate the party bags, with more compact and striking designs, designed to leave home with documentation, mobile and little else.

On the other hand, we also find sports or gym bags for women, designed to take to the gym with everything we need there. They come designed with enough capacity and they will be really useful when it comes to bringing to the gym both the clothes and the towel and our personal belongings.

Finally, we also find travel bags. With a size and capacity superior to that of a conventional bag to be able to store everything you will need during the trip, but that allows you to carry it over very similarly to any other bag.

Choose the model you choose, you should know that each of them has unique characteristics. Keep reading if you want to know them better.

Dressmaking materials and auctions

When we look for a good bag, regardless of the type, the first thing we have to look at is the materials of the same. This will also depend on how much each model costs, since, for example, a legitimate leather model will cost more than a polyester one, but its quality may be worth it.

If we look at everyday bags, we find that we can find handbags made of different materials. Among them, the most used are the skin, the simile skin or the synthetic leather, the polyester and the nylon. Leather or leather are higher quality materials, very resistant, but they require some maintenance and care so that the bag lasts as long as possible. On the other hand, the simile skin is widely used in this type of products, being able to find many designs in this material. It is resistant, but not as hard as skin and you can find really economic models.

On the other hand, if we talk about resistance, nylon or polyester handbags are the most resistant on the market along with those made of leather, since these materials withstand both daily use as well as weight and the passage of time. These are usually the cheapest of all mentioned, but, as you see, they do not have worse quality. Precisely because of this, it is the most used material in sports and travel bags, since it allows you to carry everything you need in a safe and secure way.

Finally, you will find handbags made of other skins of short or long hair, in denim, canvas and even made with delicate and luxurious fabrics such as satin or silk, even with rhinestone appliqués, just as with leather bags. party. In this case, it will be your tastes and preferences that will mark the chosen model.

Dimensions and comfort of the bag

Another important aspect is the capacity of the chosen bag. When you are clear about what type of bag you are looking for, you should keep in mind that the model chosen has enough capacity and size to carry everything you need with you.

As we said before, one of the most compact models are the party bags, as they are designed to carry the wallet, documentation and little else with you when leaving. As for the daily and sports bags, you will find different sizes and capacities, depending on your needs.

Not all of them will have enough space for your specific needs, so, before buying it, make sure you have the capacity you need, thus achieving a good investment.

What is the best women’s purse of 2019?

If you are thinking of changing your bag and you want to find the best women’s bag that offers just what you need, you should know that, to know what is the best bag for women, you must be clear that the chosen model must meet some quality parameters so that the purchase is a success.

We know that it is not an easy task and, after an exhaustive study of the market, we have selected for you the best bags for women of 2019, thinking about all kinds of uses so that, regardless of the use you are going to give, you will find the product you need between these products.

Recommended Products

EverVanz 8035armygreen

Main advantage:

The model has a spacious structure and several internal pockets. In this way, you can organize everything you need to go on a trip of a couple of days, go to the gym or do any other activity.

Main disadvantage:

Some users have complained about the quality of the textile selected by the manufacturer for the elaboration of the bag, since they indicate that it is very weak and deforms.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

The design is resistant, spacious and safe, due to its elaboration in high-end materials such as polyester, brass and textile canvas. In addition, it has padded handles and an adjustable strap.

Main Characteristics Explained

Dimensions and compartments

Being aware of the internal dimensions and how many compartments the purse that we are going to acquire is of great importance, since the number of objects that we can store within it will depend on these characteristics. In this way, it will be possible to use it as carry-on luggage, to go to the gym, at work meetings or to incorporate it into other types of activities.

This model made by EverVanz has a format of 55 x 37 x 26 centimeters and several pockets inside to organize your clothes, a pair of shoes, toiletries, car keys, your mobile and any other object of small size. In addition, it incorporates a 35 x 25 cm case to carry your tablet with you without fear of deterioration.


It is a bag that combines robust, quality and lightweight materials that guarantee a long life of use. Its structure is made of breathable canvas fabric, the interior base has a fixed brass support and all the seams have been made with thick cotton thread.

On the other hand, we have the incorporation of polyguire for some reinforcement pieces, the strap and the lining of the short handles padded with memory rubber. In addition, the top zipper is metallic and stainless, providing a secure closure of the main pocket.

All these specifications allow you to enjoy stability, protection and safety when transporting stored objects, being also the reasons why users position the model among the main places in the shopping lists.

Design and method of grip

EverVanz is a brand that is characterized by offering functional and comfortable products to all its users. A sample of this is this prototype, a bag that has a double grip method, being able to adapt it according to your needs of use. The manufacturer designed, in the first place, a pair of ergonomic handles, with a small format and padded. In this way, you can hold them so that you carry your bag as carry-on luggage to any place.

But also, if you want to hang it on your shoulder or use it as a bandit you will not have to worry, since the design incorporates an adjustable strap by means of a metallic pin that crisscrosses it, making it possible to adjust it to the height that suits you, according to your anatomy

Buy on Amazon – Price (€ 42.99)


If you are wondering which is the best bag for women of value for money, with this model you could get the answer. A handbag for women for your day to day made of resistant materials such as canvas and leather and with an inner lining made of cotton fabric to protect your belongings.

It has approximate dimensions of 35cm x 25cm x 15cm, so you can also use it to carry your A4 documents, tablet, laptop or whatever you need. Its capacity is approximately 15 liters, so you can take all your personal belongings with you without difficulty.

Wearing it will be very comfortable, thanks to its shoulder design with a drop of about 65 cm. It has two additional side pockets. And so that you can always choose it to your liking, it is available in 5 different colors.

This handbag meets all the characteristics to become promoted as a model of the best brand of bags for women, thanks to the comfort and softness of the fabric with which it is made.


  • Materials: It is made of leather and canvas, materials that make this bag model a product resistant to shock, falls and even scratches. Inside it has a lining in cotton fabric to reinforce the fabric.
  • Belt: It has two handles to carry it in the hand and an adjustable strap that can be disassembled for the comfort of the wearer.
  • Capacity: Can carry up to 15 kilos in objects and belongings. That is, you can carry any electronic device and other personal items.
  • Colors: This bag comes available in 5 different colors: blue, red, vinotinto, black and khaki.

Coofit F1154342BDUER72

This model for your day to day is designed as a backpack bag for women, made with waterproof Oxford fabric that will protect all your belongings from the rain. Its interior is large and spacious and is suitable for carrying A4 documents, the laptop or just everything you need to carry every day when you go out.

It has many compartments so you can take everything properly ordered: Main pocket, phone pocket, ID pocket, side pocket, back pocket … all the necessary spaces for what you need to take with you.

Its shoulder straps, made of leather, are adjustable for greater comfort and has a reinforced area. Its black design will allow you to combine it with all kinds of garments and colors.

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This bag model, which can also be carried as a backpack, is recommended to those who can not decide which bag to buy women, for their ability to tolerate exposure to water and the level of protection of the belongings they provide.


  • Materials: This bag was made with Oxford cloth, that is to say it is waterproof and will keep all the objects protected from the water.
  • Anti-theft: In the back of the bag there is a zippered pocket to deposit your belongings of greater value without anyone noticing.
  • Straps: They are adjustable for the comfort of users and can carry it as a backpack, as a shoulder bag or even as a top bag.
  • Color: It is available in black, which combines with different styles of attire and will be easy to carry as an accessory more than your clothing.


  • Zipper: According to some users, access to the interior of the bag is somewhat complicated because it is narrow opening once you open the side zippers.

See offers of the day on Amazon

Head Orchid

Focusing now on bags for women intended for sports and that are cheap, we find models like this sports bag for women that has everything you need to be a good shopping option.

It has dimensions of 56 x 24 x 25 cm, so it has a large interior space in which you can carry all the necessary equipment you will need in the gym. Its closure is double zipper, so you can take everything properly protected.

It has a mesh pocket on one side and a large front pocket. Its design will allow you to carry it as much as a handbag as a shoulder bag. It is available in two colors: blue and purple, so you can choose the one you like the most.

This sports bag not only stands out for its quality and versatility, but also can be recommended as the best bag for women for 20 euros, because it is among the cheapest.


  • Dimensions: It is quite large with dimensions 56 x 24 x 25 centimeters, so that you can comfortably carry all your necessary belongings.
  • Zipper: As it has a double zipper, users can be sure that their belongings will be properly protected without risking getting lost .
  • Bag pocket: In the front has a pocket with zipper, while in its side has another mesh to put your water bottle.
  • Colors: This product is available in blue and purple for users to choose the one they like the most. according to your style.


Size: If you are looking for a small bag, this model could be uncomfortable for the users. It is recommended to analyze the dimensions of this product before buying.

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How to properly use a bag for women

If there is a basic complement that every woman uses in day to day is the purse. Because of this, there is one for each situation and for each style. Today the current market offers a wide variety of bags that can be found in different models, colors, sizes and designs, to please both the tastes and the needs of every woman. These are the reasons why we will offer you a set of recommendations that will help you in the use of your bag for women.

Types of purse

As a woman you will have no problem in getting the right bag to cover your needs, since there is a range of bags depending on the utility that you are going to give, so you will have at your disposal handbags, shoulder or backpack. So when you use your bag you will feel comfortable wearing the right accessory for your activity.

Choose the right bag according to the occasion

Another aspect of utmost importance is to choose the bag indicated for each occasion; You can have several bags and use the one that best suits the activity you are going to do. If you are traveling, it is best to use a bag for this type of occasion, which has the capacity and size of a conventional bag so you can store everything you need and also you can take it with all the comfort.

When you go to the gym, you can have the bag for a woman who has enough capacity to comfortably carry clothes, towels and other personal belongings. It is also important that when you go to a business meeting, a dinner or a party, bring the bag for women party that has enough space to enter the phone, the keys, in addition to providing style and elegance.

Durability of women’s bags
The durability or resistance of women’s handbags will be determined by the quality of the manufacturing materials; If the materials of manufacture are of good quality, then the women’s bag will be too.

It is no secret to anyone that women’s bags tend to carry a lot of weight and travel long distances; that is why the seams, finials and handles must offer the necessary resistance to support the busy and restless owner. Some of the most common materials used in the manufacture of handbags for women are nylon, polyester, semi-leather and leather.

Care for women’s bags

To protect your investment and enjoy your bag for a long time it is advisable to pay attention to some aspects that can help its conservation such as not placing it on the ground, or rolling over them so as not to break the bottom of the bag, take care of

Do not place it near sharp objects that can tear or scratch them, once you get home, to your study site or to the office, as the case may be, it is best to let them rest on a table or closet, so that they do not remain for long hours hanging on the handles, so that they stay in good condition for much longer.

The most popular brands

Leaving home without a place to carry all the things necessary for the day is unthinkable for almost all people, so it is easy to understand why handbags are so sought after in the market. In the case of women, most of the time, they seek to find alternatives that, in addition to being practical, also have an attractive design that is easy to combine at the time of leaving. To adapt to your requirements, brands such as Desigual, Adidas and Catwalk Collection Handbags have incorporated into their catalogs the perfect options for the most demanding girls.

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